Village of Marquette’s LITTLE FREE LIBRARY is open !

On Monday, May 25, 2020 the Village of Marquette’s LITTLE FREE LIBRARY opened for residents’ usage.  The library, created by the library’s Steward Renee Cybul, provides free reading materials across all reading genres for Marquette’s readers.  It operates on a take one, return one, share one basis.  If you take a book from the Little Free Library, you may return it and take another, return it and share a book of your own, or in some cases keep the book.  If you do keep the book, please be sure to contribute a book back to the Library.  Little Free Libraries work best when they remain stocked with all sorts of books.  A few books are marked with tags to be returned to the LFL.  Please help Renee keep the Little Free Library stocked and in orderly fashion.  Books have been labeled “children’s books”, “young adult”, or “adult”.  Those are only guidelines.  People read at all different levels and are free to take whatever interests them.  If you do contribute a book, please be sure it is not religious or political in nature.  Publications like that will be removed and disposed of.  Please report any issues to Renee at her email address: [email protected] or call her at (847)531-3320. 


*Renee would like to extend a HUGE thanks to Sherry and Don Blazer, who graciously volunteered the porch of their building, which also hosts the Post Office, for placement of the LFL, and to their nephew Jeremy who, with Don, did the installation.  Without them this would not have happened.