About Us

The Village of Marquette is located on the south shore of Lake Puckaway in Green Lake County in south-central Wisconsin and is home to 150 permanent residents while hosting a multitude of seasonal residents and visitors including many sportsmen who seek out hunting and fishing opportunities in the area.

Located at the center of the Town of Marquette in Green Lake County, the Village of Marquette served as an early Native American trading post. Located on the south shore of Lake Puckaway, it was a familiar stop for early explorers, including Father Jacques Marquette who came for a few weeks stay in 1673 and became the Village's namesake. The Village was platted in 1836, patterned after the City of Philadelphia. It's founders had high hopes of Marquette becoming the State Capitol when Wisconsin made statehood; a measure that failed by 36 votes. The Village of Marquette was the County Seat for Marquette County, which included the land area that is today known as Green Lake County. The two areas separated and became two distinct counties in 1858. The Village of Marquette became part of Green Lake County at that time.

Today the Village of Marquette occupies 250 acres (.39 square miles) of real estate consisting mostly of residential and commercial property. The Village is home to several private resort/camping/cottage rental enterprises, a bed and breakfast, a supper club, a tavern and a handful of small businesses. There are four boat landings within the village, two parks located at the Village Hall on the south edge of the Village and at the Fire Station in the center of the Village. The Village also boasts a volunteer Fire Department and cemetery. The Village is bordered by the shore of Lake Puckaway to the north and by rural farmland and rolling wooded hills on its other borders. Outside the Village are further recreational opportunities, including the Puckaway Rod and Gun Club and Grand Valley Campground located within 5 miles of the Village. 'Two other gun clubs, the Dalton Rod and Gun Club and the Manchester Road and Gun Club, are located within 10 miles of the Village. There are numerous resort/camping/cottage enterprises within a ten mile radius of the Village.