Green Lake County Releases response to removal of State Safer at Home Order

The Green Lake County Health Unit released its order following yesterday’s May 13 ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court that struck down Emergency Order #28, which had extended the State of Wisconsin’s Safer at Home Order.

Said Green Lake County Health Officer Kathy Munsey in a letter accompanying the recommendations:

“After careful review by the Incident Command Team, we have developed a plan that provides guidance and education to reduce risks and assurance that by working together, we can start returning to the “new normal”. We feel these recommendations will move our county forward if individuals and businesses follow these recommendations. We want to continue to move forward, but want the community to know that we may have to move back and tighten up these rules if we see an increase in cases of the disease. And we will relax the order as the condition improves. This is a very challenging time and my role as Health Officer is to minimize the spread of this disease, especially with our most vulnerable populations. We feel that the WI Economic Development Corporation’s guidance will be very helpful in moving us forward. There are a number of strategies that need to be implemented by our businesses and community. We encourage you to go to to review these recommendations.”

“For questions or concerns, contact the Green Lake County Health Department at 920-294-4070. As we continue to update our plan based on the changing metrics of this disease progression, we will post them on the Green Lake County website at and share with

our local media outlets.”

“Finally, I want to thank all of our community members and businesses for their tremendous efforts in trying to minimize the spread in our communities. We need to continue many of these new habits to stay safe.”

The wording of the county’s recommendations, in its entirety follows below….




MAY 14, 2020

WHEREAS, in December, 2019, a novel strain of the coronavirus was detected, now named COVID-19, and it has spread throughout the world, including every state in the United States;

WHEREAS, on January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID19 to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern;

WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020, Governor Tony Evers declared a public health emergency and directed all agencies support to efforts to respond to and contain COVID-19 in Wisconsin;

WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump proclaimed a National Emergency concerning COVID-19;

WHEREAS, on March 17, 2020 the Green Lake County Board authorized an Emergency Declaration for Green Lake County;

WHEREAS, on May 12, 2020, Green Lake County Board Chairman Harley Reabe proclaimed a state of emergency in Green Lake County;

WHEREAS, as of April 15, 2020, 1,914,916 people around the world have tested positive for COVID-19, including 605,390 in the United States and 3,721 in Wisconsin;

WHEREAS, COVID-19 is present throughout Wisconsin, with people testing positive for COVID-19 in 65 of 72 counties as of April 15, 2020;

WHEREAS, medical and public health experts advise that this is the crucial moment in Wisconsin for us to flatten the curve and prevent the worst case situations we have seen in other parts of the country and the world;

WHEREAS, as we work to slow the virus, we need to also work to carefully and thoughtfully speed up our economy;

WHEREAS, The Green Lake County Health Department is relying on science, data, and public health experts to guide us through the difficult decision to reopen the economy while protecting the health and safety of all, including but not limited to federal “Guidelines for Opening up America Again” plan and the “Wisconsin Badger Bounce Back Plan”. These plans provide guidance and metrics that are designed to slowly and cautiously reopen businesses and activities;

WHEREAS, the Wisconsin Safer at Home Order worked to flatten the curve of infections of COVID-19 in Wisconsin and the state saw meaningful gains from this protective step. This is a crucial time for Green Lake County to maintain the momentum in containing COVID-19 in our communities and halt further dissemination of the disease.


The Green Lake County Health Department recommends the following precautions and safety measures while reopening all businesses, organizations and activities in Green Lake County recognizing the continued concern related to COVID-19:

1. Business operations that have public interactions:

— a. Do a wellness check of employees coming to work.

— b. Limit capacity to 50% of your occupancy limit or 50 persons, whichever is less. Occupancy includes employees, managers, and customers.

— c. Follow 6 foot social distancing when possible.

— d. Have employees wear masks when interacting with public.

— e. Sanitize commonly touched surfaces frequently with an EPA approved product for novel coronavirus.

— f. Consider special hours for the elderly and those who are at high risk.

— g. For other recommendations refer to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) guidelines.

2. Church service :

— a. Limit capacity to 50% of your occupancy limit or 50 persons, whichever is less.

— b. Consider providing masks to those that want them.

— c. Sanitize commonly touched surfaces frequently with an EPA approved product for novel coronavirus.

— d. Follow 6 foot social distancing when possible.

3. Long-Term Care Facilities (SNF/CBRF/AFH/Assisted Living/Group Homes)

— a. Visitor policies as determined by the facility in conjunction with their licensing requirements per State and Federal rules. It is recommended that any policy include wellness checks and masks if allowing visitors.

— b. Employee wellness checks

— c. Follow 6-foot social distancing when possible for residents, staff and visitors

— d. Consider having employees wear masks

— e. Work with resident’s employers to establish a safe return to work plan

4. Public Schools

— a. Will be under the direction of the State until at least June 30, 2020

— b. School buildings, facilities (including playgrounds and sports fields) remain closed to the public

5. Private Playgrounds and Pools

— a. Businesses with pools and playgrounds may reopen with safe practices

— b. Limit capacity to 50% of your occupancy limit

– c. Sanitize commonly touched surfaces frequently with an EPA approved product for novel coronavirus

6. Municipal and Private Parks and Playgrounds

— a. Check with local municipality to determine whether open or not

7. Outdoor Activities

— a. Refer to WEDC guidelines “Outdoor Gatherings”

— b. Contact entity in charge of public space for specific limitations and/or recommendations

8. For all people living, working and coming to Green Lake County

— a. Wash hands frequently.

— b. Follow 6 foot social distancing when possible.

— c. Wear masks when in public if you are uncomfortable or experiencing symptoms.

— d. Stay home when feeling ill.

— e. Contact your health provider when feeling ill and follow their recommendations.

The Green Lake County Health Department cannot give legal advice to anyone regarding these recommendations; therefore, all businesses and event planners should consult with their legal counsel and insurance carriers for advice.

Further information on guidelines and recommendations can be found at: Badger Bounce Back Plan:

WEDC reopen guidelines: