Lake Puckaway Update

Lake Puckaway


For over 20+ years of work by the Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District to have an updated Princeton Dam where either district personal or contracted individuals wouldn’t have to put boards on the Princeton Dam has now taken the first step towards the completion of this task. The contracting agency, Janke Construction, has started laying down planks for the heavy equipment to work on to start the Bridge over to the dam area. During this 20+ year period the district has had 4 district chairman that have been actively involved in getting to this stage. The past chairman has invested many hours, days, miles and etc. to see this project to get completed as soon as possible. The attached pictures provide historical documentation of the first steps in the reconstruction process of the Princeton Dam. My thanks to all that have worked on this project over the past 20+ years. My thanks also to the dedicated DNR employees that have worked closely with the District to see this project through.  

As of now we cannot give a completion date but assume it should be in the latter part of 2020. I would suggest to folks not to attempt to drive to the dam to view the process as there is limited space to drive down and/or park.